Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Blues...

You're right...i've got the blues...Aside from this paralysing insomnia i'm suffering from, i'm terribly home sick! I miss my family, my home sweet home (the best,the cleanest,the best, the best, the best... home ever!) Mr. Toby, Kuching and my girlfriends (*cj,fel,deb,prettyahyeo,bren,cat,remy...!!!) :((((((

I only have these pictures, which were taken years ago...u see..i dont see them often..especially my gorgeous gfs..sad isn't it? I envy my other friends who get to have "get-together"s with theirs at least once in 3 months!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Swim my babies..! Swim..!

Today was the day we both really looked forward to...after the unsuccessful first IUI attempt, we were really hoping that this time around a miracle would happen and i'd finally be on my way to become a mummy.

I woke up extra early just to prepare myself physically, mentally and emotionally...our appointment with Dr. Zamri was at 9.30-10 am but at 9 or so he was still wrapped in his comforter... HUH!!When would he have time to jumpstart his "olyimpic team?!?"

I shook him hard enough to annoy him and sent him marching to have his shower. Assuming that he'd be aware that we were already running a lil late, I did not remind him to make it quick (which i should have) and he was in the bathroom for more than half an hour!!! (the sitting on the toilet bowl moment + the newspaper reading took forever!!).

Eventually we arrived after ten, which was not that bad considering the fact that I ( !!!! ) had to "lend a hand" in waking 'him' up...(heiiiaaaaah..)..

Uh huh..this was where we stored his "olympic team"

We had to wait a few mins as there was a couple before us...It was nerve wrecking for me..the thought of lying on the hospital bed with both my legs wide open for Dr Zamri to insert a few foreign objects in my V jay jay was really, my first experience was an UNEASY and PAINFUL one too...really..

It wasn't long until Dr Zamri called us to go in to his lab to check out our potential "babies". Before doctors proceed with the IUI procedure, the sperms need to be washed. It's a process whereby the doctors would pick and choose the best one of all. We also had the chance to see the sperms under the microscope which was a really cool thing. You can really see if the sperms are actively moving or not.

I guess it wasnt our time to have a baby yet...coz all of his sperms were dead...yes...dead and did not wriggle a bit, at all...This was the second time this happened, but the first attempt wasn't that bad, at least there were 2 or so that were wriggling. I was crushed, but i think it affected him more coz he did not expect that to happen. Dr. Zamri advised us to proceed with IVF but if it's possible, we'd put IVF as our last option. It's my body you're talking about here...and as far as i know, IVF is quite dangerous for the mum-to-be as well as for the baby...What's more, is that I'm still young..i dont want my ovaries to be played with...Whatever it is, i think optioning for IVF is the biggest risk we'd ever take.

I really hope and pray that November would be the month for us. We've been trying for more than 2 years and i'm starting to feel lonely with only the 2 of us here...I know.. I know..everyone keeps telling me to enjoy the moment before the third company comes. Well..u know what..before my MIL comes over to stay with us, i have to make sure Diane Junior or Yupiter Junior is on their way...!'ll be a hair-pulling-moment when MIL's around!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How not to love?

What's with the smirk Mr??

Megabucks-making pot belly? I WISH!!

A pillow is a must for him to rest his head (REST his head??...)

" kROiihh..krOoooiiiih...KrOoOoiiih...."


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mr. Annoying

Aside from still living in the Stone Age era,
one thing I don’t understand about him is
the annoying fact that he does not want
to add me in his face book.
Could anyone please give me a good reason
for that (I state here only one, but feel free
to drench me with a sea of answers).
Him doing that gets on my nerves
and every time I ask him why
there would never be any light bulb
moment for that…(ever!).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grab and Go...!

It was Mr Gundu's (not so gundu anymore though...blaaa!)
turn to bathe after me.
I was lotioning myself lavishly when i saw Mr Gundu grabbing our blanket to wipe himself.

*The- Scream-Moment* !!!
MEN...they NEVER fail to "impress" you...or make your jaws drop to the floor...

*Slaps on the forehead*
#_ #

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shhhhh...can you keep a secret?

I secretly dream of having steamy, erotic nights with other men…
I find men, especially the ones with their kids in their arms, SEXY okay…


What’s wrong with me…? Knock it off… QUICK!

Now I sort of know why some women/girls just can’t help falling head over heels over married men…
HEY...! Not so fast ey... Keep this in mind...

Mine’s untouchable